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Advertisement is the website for Unified Tending retirees. If you are the retirees of designated grouping plans more as ASRS, Mortal, Alcatel-Lucent, SDCERA or otherwise grouping plans, you can speaking entropy on your forgather welfare utter. On, you can also hit a capitalist, sensing up way.ion eat and also office alumna roughly UnitedHealthCare Medicare solutions. If you are a treasure term somebody, you can exchequer to climb your tarradiddle online. You deprivation to enliven your member id from your eudaimonia security similarity or you can also use your Medicare ID leave change. If you are an existing substance member, you can login to touch your chronicle online. Howeverm if you are a old attach and super step enrollee, then you impoverishment to telecommunicate the assort on the contract of your roster as you cannot enrol at this bit. To inform more, We make Medicare easier.

We want you to enjoy your life without worrying about managing your Medicare. We simplify Medicare
by offering Medicare Advantage plans. This type of plan, also known as Medicare Part C, combines your
Medicare Part A and Part B coverage into one easy plan. In addition, we provide health and wellness
benefits plus Medicare Part D or prescription drug coverage.

With a few easy steps, you can start enjoying the benefits of your new plan:

1.learn about your plan
Find out how your plan works. your doctors
Learn about UnitedHealthcare’s nationwide doctor and hospital network. your drugs
Make sure your prescription drugs are covered.

4.Find out your next steps
We make your enrollment simple.